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Birds Go Boho Book Success

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Saturday 5th June, 2021 – World Environment Day

On World Environment Day we celebrated the Australian launch of Alison’s picture book BIRDS GO BOHO in the Conservatory, Bells at Killcare. A vital conservation Birdlife project, a program highlight, had live webcam of a pair of White-bellied Sea-Eagles.
Ali’s donated etching LEDA & THE SWAN passed auction reserve. The successful bid assisted the Bouddi Society & Bouddi Foundation for the Arts. A generous percentage of book sales were donated to Birdlife Australia. “Over 1,450 bird species are globally threatened and 222 Critically Endangered birds face an extreme risk of extinction … so for me the night was a resounding success!” remarked Ali. “BIRDS GO BOHO has finally flown the coop and the time has come to act for birds. Globally, all birds need our protection.

  • Alison’s 2022 National Trust exhibition in the Blue Mountains showcased her birds. 




Alison Jane Rice

Australian artist here to serve the Earth through my art.

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