Artist Statement

"My life is art."

Alison Jane Rice is a multidisciplinary artist.

Masters degree graduate in Creative Arts. Awards for art excellence. International recognition for contributions to Youth, Arts & Environment.

Her exposure to a range of visual practices and passion for flora and fauna has led to diversification in her creative career. Rice’s practice includes drawing, painting, illustration, preserved flower & gem collage, print-making, and poetry.

In her practice Alison develops distinct themes and creates innovative visual portraits and narratives empathetic to our natural environment. Well known for her whimsical picture books, her fine art is also executed with a graphic intention both striking and memorable.

Her compositions, channelled from an innate sensitivity, evoke a sense of the feminine intuitive and encourage mindfulness toward the fragility of all living organisms. 

Celebrating beauty and interconnectedness Alison implores the need to protect the earthly mantle that connects humankind with the cosmos without disturbing its common thread. A complex relationship of the mysterious feminine and analytical masculine principles which she intuitively explores through the creative process.

Working with gold & silver leaf, crystals, gemstones, glass beads, preserved flora, ink, graphite, and paint mediums, Alison skilfully combines these elements into intricately-detailed works. “As a borne Creative it’s exhilarating to suspend the essence of nature to capture our connection with  the Divine.”