The ALIGHT Journal A.L.I.G.H.T

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Creative Arts Journal for Youth & Adults. Ages 13+  ALIGHT offers a unique self-transformation process through a range of creative activities. Written & compiled by Alison Jane Rice

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The ALIGHT Journal A.L.I.G.H.T

Opening Message by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Foreword by Peter Garrett AM: “If you go deep into yourself, just by stopping for a moment, shutting out the noisy world and thinking quietly about what it is that really matters in your world; if you reach this place of private thought you’ll be amazed at what you find.

You’ll find, I think, that you really do care about life. You’ll find that you need to give and receive love. You might even find a song or a sentence that gives your character a voice to speak to other people.

This is what this book is about. Real words, genuine emotions and a way of shouting out a truth without everyone putting their hands over their ears, or pretending not to listen.

Humans are continually learning and, if my life is any example, often failing. But I’m sure that the only way to live so you feel connected and alive is to never stop trying. To keep thinking, searching, praying, singing, doing. Ignoring the negative and the hateful, the petty and the greedy – until you find your place … ”

International Collectors Edition released – 1999
Published By – The Delphi Connection

• ALIGHT incorporates the EARTHBOOK project. The result of an Australia-wide competition Alison conducted in 1989 to inspire young people to focus their creative energy on protecting and healing our planet.

Each age group assigned a poetry theme.
Lore One: BE TRUE TO YOUR SELF (13yrs) Lore Two: RESPECT EARTH’S PEOPLES (14yrs)
Lore Three: HONOUR ELDERS’ WISDOM (15yrs) Lore Four: PROTECT PLANTS & ANIMALS (16yrs)
Lore Five: HEAL OCEAN & EARTH (17yrs) Lore Six: DANCE & SING FOR WORLD PEACE (18yrs)
Alison selected the poems of seven young poets from schools around Australia, one from each age group, who then accompanied the artist on her self-funded EARTHBOOK expedition on the tall ship, Our Svanen, in Hervey Bay Queensland. A family of Humpback whales stayed with the vessel the entire week and the experience proved life-changing for everyone onboard.

The project was acknowledged globally with letters and contributions from Mandawuy Yunupingu (Yothu Yindi), Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Archie Roach, Sir David Attenborough, Princess Diana of Wales, Peter Gabriel, Desmond Tutu, Mark Knopfler … and more.

*Launched by Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett at The New Children’s Hospital Westmead to benefit the Adolescent Medicine Unit’s Artist-in-Residence Program. August 1999


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  1. Peter Garrett AM, Midnight Oil

    “This book is about real words, genuine emotions and a way of shouting out a truth without everyone putting their hands over their ears, or pretending not to listen.”

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