“My flora creations impose a permanent physical imprint on a life already in decay.
Each flower’s silent transition, into the garden of heavenly delights,
a gentle reminder of our own impermanence”.

Lady Deerfield of Maidenhair Manor copyright 2018 Alison Jane Rice

As an artist Alison Jane Rice is committed to keeping Earth’s flora centre-stage in her practice through her ongoing series ‘The Royal Court of The Imperial Flower Kingdom’.

Flowers bring so much beauty, emotional healing, and spiritual nourishment. Hence, the intended purpose of each of Alison’s preserved flower court characters, juxtaposed in these intimate botanical portraits, allude to the inner world of flowers and the ethereal nature of the delicate soul residing therein. The artist incorporate gemstones and crystals into her intricate flower creations to illuminate the flower kingdom’s elemental qualities. The gems own subtle physicality and energy changing dependant on the intensity and direction of light.     
By introducing wildflowers to you, in her heart-inspired and whimsical way, Alison hopes Humankind becomes inspired to champion the vital need to protect our planet’s wildflower meadows, and diverse insect and wildlife, in perpetuity.”